the intelligent watch

SafeMotion supports service users’ day-to-day life in a non-intrusive way through a smart watch, which is comfortable and stylish to wear. The smart watch is available in a variety of styles and models. The watch is audible, telling the time and reading notifications to help those with deteriorating sight. All audio messages can be switched on or off in the web portal.


Alerts to Alerting Chain

SafeMotion allows the service user to call for help anytime, anywhere.

After triggering SafeMotion the pre-defined alerting chain is contacted. Those in the alerting chain receive a call and SMS, which includes a web address where the alerting chain can track the users’ location on a digital map.

Alerting Chain

The alerting chain is designed to be a group of people who wish to be informed should an alert be raised by the user. This can include carers, guardians, relatives or a dedicated call centre. When an alert is raised, the first member of the chain receives the alert, via a phone call, SMS and email.
Should they not be able to respond, the alert passes to the next individual in the chain. The user is informed on the watch when an alert is being dealt with and by who.



Calls to carers and Contacts

SafeMotion can be set up with a SIM plan that allows outgoing calls, so the user can contact the alerting chain without having to raise an alert, for none emergency use.
The watch provides a list of contacts with photos to help the user recognise who to call and contact at any given time.
Businesses can also buy aggregated callout minutes which are split over all their devices.

Direct Call

With a SIM plan which allows outgoing calls, the top button can be configured to start a call to a phone number in case of an alert.
Tracking is not available while calls are active.


Location Tracking

The position of the service user can be requested on demand, at any time by a member of the alerting chain, through the SafeMotion web and mobile portal.
Permanent tracking can be enabled for some user. This sends the users location to the server as soon as the user moves for a specific area deemed as safe, as set-out in ‘Movement Zones’.

Movement Zone Alerts

Safe movement zones are areas where the service user can move safely.

These zones are marked on a digital map and saved to the service user’s profile. Movement zones can vary during the day and night, so zones can be set to suit the users’ life style.
If the service user leaves a safe zone, an alert is triggered automatically and permanent tracking of the user is enabled. The alert is sent to the alerting chain via call, SMS and email, so the necessary response can be undertaken.



The SafeMotion watch can receive messages and SMS at any time through the web portal or by sending a SMS to the watch.

Messages sent are displayed on the watches screen and the text is audible. The watch vibrates and sounds to notify the user of an incoming message. Messages can be answered by the user by touching recognised icons to allow the sender to see that the message has been received.

Appointments & Reminders

SafeMotion® can issue reminders to the service user, for example: to take medication, to drink water or not to miss appointments. All appointments and reminders can be easily added in the service user’s calendar in the SafeMotion web portal. All reminders require the user to respond, to acknowledge it has been read. The record is logged as part of the history of events in the web portal.


Web Portal

SafeMotion® offers a clear web portal, where all information on the clock (alarms, position, messages) as well as the settings for the clock (alerting chain, battery mode, etc.) can be easily viewed and set.
This information is also accessible via a modern smartphone.


3 seconds touch the screen or the red button to receive help.


With the SafeMotion watch you are able to call the configurated contacts.


The watch can receive messages sent as SMS.


Reminding appoitments and important todos like taking the medicine.

Danger zones

Zones are defined which the clock carrier is not allowed to enter. e.g. Pond areas or heavily used roads

Security zones

Areas which the carrier can move freely. e.g. garden around the house

read function

All information such as time or messages can read the clock aloud.


The clock can be also be controld by touch the display. (Multi-Touch)

GPS Tracking (GNSS)

The clock constantly transmits the current position, which is determined by means of GSM and GPS.


Optionally, a 24-hour call center can be connected for emergency calls.

Silent alert

For people in threat situations, the alarm can be triggered without visible features on the clock.

Charging station

Optionally, a charging station is available where the watch can be easily charged.

Safemotion is part of the JAMES Family

James is the new solution for Ambient Assistend Living (AAL).  It combines

  • Tablet for elderly user
  • Home sensors (smart home)
  • Vital sensors 
  • SafeMotion Smartwatch

for a safe and free life.

More on: freedomjames.com