SafeMotion helps the elderly to live at home longer, more independent and with more confidence.
  • Support elderly people to live more independent
    in their day to day life
  • Give elderly the confidence to go outdoors,
    walks, do usual activities even when alone
  • Give people the confidence to be able to call for
    help anytime and anywhere if needed.










The SafeMotion movement zone feature was especially designed for people with dementia.

SafeMotion issues an alert as soon as the user leaves the
safe movement zone. This triggers automatic tracking and
allows users to be located immediately.





SafeMotion aims to help vulnerable people to gain back independency and confidence and to increase their peace of mind.

Vulnerable people could include:

  • Those suffering chronic health problems
  • People with temporary needs to feel safe
  • Recovering from an operation
  • Those recently discharged from hospital


SafeMotion supports children and their parents to stay in contact and feel more independent and safe.
  • Coming home from school
  • After school clubs
  • School trips
  • Meet friends
  • Call parents to pick up from after school classes

Lone Worker

SafeMotion increases lone worker protection.

Lone worker examples:

  • Security guards
  • Construction workers
  • Utility workers & technicians
  • Workers in energy and oil & gas
  • Community nurses and midwifes
  • Social and home care workers
  • Service station attendants
  • Delivery drivers


SafeMotion supports service users who frequently feel unsafe or those who could be in danger.

SafeMotion can help to feel safer in the case of:

  • Domestic abuse
  • People walking often home alone in the dark

“Adam is 18 years old and has mental disabilities (autism and learning difficulties) but has no physical disabilities, so SafeMotion has been a great help to him (and us), it is an effective device which is modern and comfortable without having a stigma, an important feature for an 18-year-old!

Whilst he lives with us on a permanent basis, we are keen to enable Adam to develop some independence, eg. maintain contact with Adam during the day when he is at College or out of the house with carers. SafeMotion has allowed us to do this brilliantly. Messages and calls to the watch, as well as location on demand help us all to communicate effectively.”  Mike – Hampshire