The smart watch for people who need protection and security.


SafeMotion - the intelligent watch

The SafeMotion® Assistance System is designed for people who require the need to feel safe or improve their independence and confidence. The system has the added benefit of operating in or outside the home at any time.

SafeMotion was developed following a successful research project “Confidence” which was led by the Salzburg Research Institute and developed by SafeMotion’s lead investor – the social care software provider ilogs.

AAL award 2014

The Confidence research project won the European AAL Award in 2014:

SafeMotion® has been developed through European Funding and Private Investors. SafeMotion® is a privately owned business, which operates across the UK and mainland Europe.




“In Early 2016 my Nan, Win, suffered a heart attack and we all feared the worst as she become housebound for a number of weeks. The longer she stayed at home the more her confidence eroded and this left her struggling mentally as well as physically. 


SafeMotion was recommended to us and as someone who had a good understanding of effective technology, Win quickly understood how to use the device and the safety net that it would provide her. 


As her physical health, improved SafeMotion gave her and our family the confidence for her to leave the house and re-engage in the charitable activities she loved. 


We cannot thank the SafeMotion team enough for providing her with the opportunity to live independently and doing the things she loved.” – Steve – Essex

SafeMotion overview

A modern security-solution around a smart watch
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